Valerie Libby

Valerie is a former attorney, special educator, and graduate school professor who has been actively developing and honing her intuitive skills for nearly thirty years. She began working with clients offering intuitive readings more than 15 years ago, and left the practice of law in 2000 to pursue her intuitive consultation practice.

The integrity of Valerie's work is of greater importance to her than the substance of it. She is clear and direct and always shares the information she presents in a loving and non-judgmental manner. Valerie is able to illuminate the places where clients are stuck with gentleness and humor, and provide specific options for clearing the obstacles. With this new information clients are able to view and hold themselves with greater love and compassion. Often there is much laughter during her sessions.

Valerie enjoyed and learned a great deal from her prior work experiences. Once it was clear that she could be of higher service to others utilizing her intuitive abilities, she embraced her true calling as an Intuitive.

Valerie is married, has four children, and lives in Portland, Maine. She is passionate about her work, family, and about living a juicy life in the most conscious and responsible manner possible... and helping others to do the same.